Notary Bonds

Since 1970, our notary bonding, E & O and notary merchandise has provided valuable resources to new and renewing notaries

by supplying notary bonds, error and omissions coverage, stamps and seals, and products, newsletters and other essentials. As one of the largest bonding agencies in the Texas, we also expedite notary applications with the

Texas state department, in an electronic format, to save you time and money.

Our low prices and fast service, combined with our top-quality supplies, our toll-free notary information line and toll-free fax line, have made JP Everhart Notary Bonding the premier resource for notaries!

Our facility in North Texas includes all resources and technologies available to help you become a notary or renew your commission. We print all of our material in-house in our own print shop allowing us to provide you the latest information and material as quickly as possible. In addition, we manufacture notary seals in-house in order to expedite the process. We know that with most notaries, time is of the essence.